Octopus deploy supports build servers such as Bamboo

Automated deployments from Bamboo

Octopus is the easiest way to automate complex application deployments as part of an Atlassian Bamboo build or release plan.

Get the Bamboo add-on

Atlassian Bamboo is a powerful continuous integration server - it's great at compiling code, running tests, and letting you know when someone breaks the build. Release plans in Bamboo also provide high-level release orchestration capabilities, but the tasks are all expected to run from a build agent - getting files to remote machines, configuring packages differently for different environments, etc. are left to you to figure out.

Octopus is a powerful deployment automation server - and it's the perfect complement to Bamboo. Octopus can automatically push packages to hundreds of machines, configure them depending on the environment, and focusses on advanced deployment scenarios like multi-tenant deployments.

You can connect Bamboo to Octopus using either our offical Octopus Bamboo add-on or via our command line tools.

Building and pushing packages

Using the pack and push build steps included in the Octopus Deploy Bamboo add-on, you can create optimised and versioned packages ready for deployment with just a few clicks. It has never been easier to push your Bamboo artifacts to Octopus!

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Octopus deployments are easier with our Bamboo plugin

Promote and deploy releases

Octopus Deploy will take your Bamboo deployments to the next level. Deploy to one server or thousands taking advantage of the industry best practices Octopus provides through a wealth of battle tested deployment steps. As your infrastructure scales, know that Octopus will scale with you.

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Deploy to a single server or multiple servers

Works with Bamboo builds and Bamboo releases

The native Octopus Deploy Bamboo add-on provides steps for both the Bamboo build and deployment plans. Whether you have existing deployment plans that you would like to supercharge with Octopus, or would rather compile and deploy in a single build plan, the Octopus add-on has you covered.

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Use our Bamboo plugin which provides steps for both Bamboo build and deployment plans

Native Bamboo plugin

Full integration with Bamboo for build and deployment plans.

Optimized one-click deployments

Push your Bamboo artifacts and create optimised and versioned packages with one-click deployments.

Industry best standards

Take your Bamboo deployments to the next level with Octopus with industry standard practices.

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